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Choose us because we are your one stop shop for most everything residential and commercial. Unlike other companies, we specialize in a plethora of service options. No need to contact other companies and worry if they will even show up. Choose us because we are Veteran Owned, Licensed, Insured, Accredited and Give back to our community.


Longo's sets the standard and pricing that no other local small business in our profession can meet. We have 3 different types of lawn mowers in our fleet that are geared toward small, medium and large lawns. We use the best commercial equipment brands: STHL, John Deere, and Craftsman. We utilize specialize solar cleaning equipment that no other business in yuma has... and SO  MUCH MORE!

What previous customers are saying about us

Meaghan E.

Timeliness, Quality, Thoroughness, 

Customer Service

Great Job! We were very happy. He was able to come out thesame day and worked quickly. Thank you again!

Donald B.

Mr. Longo was very friendly and professional. My panels were very dirty and now they are like shinny new. I have scheduled cleaning for every three months. THANKS!

Cody S.

Longo’s really came through for us and at a great price. True dedication to his work. He braved the hottest week of the year to clean our roof and clean and bird proof our solar panels. Awesome guy and true craftsman, values the quality of his work over the cost. Great veteran owned business and is highly recommended! Simper Fi Devil Dog!

Alex G.

He did an amazing job, solar panels look brand new! He also did our windows and left them spotless. Thank you for being on time and the great service.

Jessica R.

Was quick to respond and did a great job on front yard clean-up. So good he's going to do monthly maintenance on my yard.

Leonard M.

As a provider of solar power systems we recommend Longo’s solar cleaning to all of our solar power customers. Joshua longo is always just a call away when we need a quick quote for cleaning solar panels or for providing bird proofing to keep the birds away from the solar systems. We appreciate the up front pricing with no hidden costs. Excellent service, Fair pricing and professionalism.

Joseph M.

Josh from Longo’s Solar Cleaning has fair prices, does a great job and is extremely reliable. Not only does he clean solar panels he also does lawn maintenance and trash removal. I have used many companies for lawn service in the past but have had horrible luck with them sticking to a rotation or even showing up at all, until now. When you have to lock in your animals, knowing when is most important. I would highly recommend Longo’s Solar Cleaning for all your yard maintenance and solar cleaning needs!

Frank A.

First, Josh from Longo’s Solar Cleaning provides great service at a great price as well as peace of mind. Second, I went with their basic plan, what’s great is the price they gave me for 2 cleanings a year was that of other businesses for a single clean. I checked out an app that I have monitoring output of my solar on my phone and saw that it almost doubled. I definitely reconmend and will be using them again.

Reviews pulled from Google, BBB, Square and Housecall pro

    We take pride in being a                                                                 Veteran Owned Business

Since 2018, our U.S Veteran team works hard everyday to provide the best solar cleaning, lawn maintenance, window cleaning and more for our clients in Yuma, Arizona. We offer a variety of service plans, so get in touch today to receive an initial quote.

From our Veteran Family to yours, thank you for contributing to renewable energy and taking the next step to a cleaner future, and congratulations on saving money on your electric bill!


Solar panel cleaning is essential for maintaining optimal solar system performance. Regular cleaning of your system keeps your warranty in tact, increases solar output greatly, and most importantly, saves you money in the long term.


Did you know that the more light that hits your panels, the more power it will generate? Dust, water marks, bird droppings and other substances such as dirt and grime act like a blanket and prevents sun light from penetrating your panels.


In fact, it is a big deal...
If your panels are dirty, then they can't produce energy. The National Energy Laboratory says dirty panels can reduce panel efficiency up to 25% and other studies by various Universities double that figure up to 50% which means you aren't getting the maximum return on investment from your panels and losing money.
Now that's a BIG deal.


We are available to clean rooftop solar panel systems on your home or business, solar carports, and even large ground solar systems. Beyond just conducting a cleaning service, our experts perform a visual inspection of the entire solar array in search of any anomalies to ensure productivity is at maximum production.


Google's Research

At Google's campus located in Mountain View, CA, they have a 1.6 Megawatt Solar Panel array. After 15 months of operation they had their systems cleaned and found that their energy output nearly doubled. Eight months after their initial cleaning they cleaned their system again and found that their solar production increased by 36% Google's conclusion found that cleaning these solar panels is the #1 way to maximize solar energy production.


Cleaning your solar is just like cleaning your car. In the desert climate your car is exposed to all sorts of elements. This goes the same with your solar. For comparison, what happens to your windshield if you let your car go months on end without giving it a wash and scrub? Dust, dirt, animal droppings and other substances build up and your car is extremely dirty resulting in you being unable to clearly see out of your windshield. The same goes with solar panels, just as you can't see out of your windshield, the sun can't see into your solar panels. This decreases your solar productivity and loses you money. On average, the resulting loss of solar productivity ranges any where from 20% to a high of 50%, 20% of your $30k solar system is 6,000 dollars, that's 6,000 dollars you are instantly loosing out on your investment.


Letting rain clean your panels is not a fundamental cleaning method for the following reasons:

-Water acts as a magnet to particles, especially in windy areas where a lot of dirt is prone to adrift and stick to your panels.

-Rain water doesn't ensure a deep clean to get the "hard" particles off.

-Rain creates streaks on solar panel surfaces which allows for a firm foundation for particles to collect on the surface of panels.

-Light rain collects all those particles floating in the air and when they land on solar panels, the water evaporates and leaves particles it brought with it behind resulting in particle build up.

-If you've used a hose you have probably noticed that the water left behind hard to clean water spots, this is due to the many different minerals and deposits in the public water system.

Essentially, this all cumulates and acts like a blanket and prevents sunlight from penetrating your panels. Letting the rain and using a hose is just as bad as not cleaning your panels.


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